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2020 Candidate for State Representative

Tom Kirsch is a proven business leader and a 2020 candidate for State Representative serving Pennsylvania’s 39th House District which is split between Allegheny and Washington Counties.

Tom’s professional career has been defined by more than 32 years of hard work and a results-driven attitude. As your State Representative, his political tenure will be defined by a fiscal conservative approach to managing our tax dollars, the preservation of our shared conservative values, and his resolve and dedication to approach every issue with the best interest of the families and business community of the 39th District as his compass.

Trusted Leader

Tom brings 32 years of professional experience to the district, having held leadership roles in Project Management, Contract Negotiations, Finance and Asset Valuation Strategies with some of the largest corporations in Pittsburgh.

Tom is a member of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management – Region 13 Task Force Critical Business Employee.

Tom’s extensive experience, learned skill sets, and sound business judgement give him the unique ability to manage Pennsylvania’s finances and represent the families and the small business community of the 39th District.

Small Business Champion

As a successful small business owner, Tom’s efforts have created hundreds of family-sustaining jobs. He understands the pulse of the small business community and he knows that many families of the 39th District rely on business-friendly policies to support their families and friends.

Dedicated to Strengthening the 39th District

Tom is passionate about providing our police, fire, and EMS professionals with the resources they need to protect our community.

He will work to secure state grants for projects inside the 39th District and work with the Township Supervisors, Commissioners, and Law Enforcement agencies to advance their needs.

Tom will work tirelessly on the Opioid Crisis that is a budget-bleeding parasite on our tax dollars, a blight on our communities, and is responsible for the ruination of so many families in the district.

Another way of strengthening our district is by improving the financial position of our families. Tom is dedicated to “Taking the Money out of Harrisburg and putting it back in the hands of our Families.” Tom will be a watchdog in State government standing up against tax increases and protecting your freedoms.


In addition to improving our state government, Tom is also passionate about educating our next generation. Tom’s education provided the seed for his professional success and he wants our next generation of leaders to pursue their dreams. To his end, Tom Kirsch established a scholarship fund in 2018 for students of the 39th District and he has been an outspoken supporter of school choice and advocate for increased school safety.

Tom’s Background

Tom is a 44-year resident of the 39th House District and resides in Bethel Park with his wife Cathy.Tom is an active member of the NRA and Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC)

University of Pittsburgh, Economics

Course Certificates
Cornell University, Leadership and Strategic Management
Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)
Numerous Corporate Seminars in Financial, Operations, and Administrative Disciplines

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