How are you different from your opponent?

We’re different in our core principles: I’m a staunch fiscal conservative, determined to the voice of the 39th district on how our taxpayer dollars are spent and as an advocate for the elimination of wasteful spending.

My opponent has advocated for massive spending on un-necessary projects including the expansion of PA Turnpike 43 connector to downtown Pittsburgh

Our Experience levels are different: My career has included leadership roles in Project Management, Collaborative Decision Making, Contract Negotiations, Budgets, Large Scale corporate Acquisitions and P&L responsibility for multi-million dollar projects.

I’ve owned small businesses and interacted with the highest levels of Corporate Management. Most significantly, I had direct oversight of hundreds of employees, vendors and contractors over the course of my career.

Most importantly our Perspective is different. The betterment of the families and small business community should be the focus of our State Representative. Raising a family is difficult. It takes commitment and self-sacrifice. In return you share the values of your community.

You can’t just hand out campaign literature and wave in the parade on community day and expect to connect with families.

As our families grow, our outlook changes and we become less self-serving and more concerned about our children’s future, the economy, our senior citizens and social issues.
Candidates like my opponent who have never raised a family are far less likely to understand this concept and unlikely to consider the best interests of the families when voting on legislation.

What three issues will you make a priority ?

Property Tax Reform

Senior Citizens have earned a special place when it comes to Property Taxes. Seniors have paid into the system their entire life and now that they’re on a fixed income we reward them by keeping home ownership out of their reach. Once we reach full retirement age our school taxes should be capped at 50% percent of the
Property’s assessed value.

The 1st time home buyer can’t afford the high cost of college debt and they struggle to afford the American dream of home ownership. Property taxes increase the cost of home ownership by hundreds of dollars monthly. A 2 year property tax abatement will help these buyers. The abatement would be 100% in year 1 and 50% in year 2.

All Homeowners

Many of you probably don’t realize that there is already legislation that provides for the elimination of property taxes. In this bill, the revenue stream is replaced by a more equitable system of a sales tax increase and/or wage tax increase. Seniors benefit because the buy less..!st time homeowners benefit because they can’t afford a lot and the general population benefits on a pay ass you go system AND the local communities collect the payments directly instead of relying on the inexperienced self-politicians in Harrisburg.

Education and School Choice

  • One of the biggest failures of our political system is Public Education.
  • Education is the Equalizer for minority groups and those living in lower income brackets.
  • Education is the barrier-breaker for women’s salaries and job opportunity
  • Education is key to our young people’s ability to compete in the global economy.
  • Special education should be the vehicle to independence for physically and mentally delayed students and;
  • Our teachers are the bridge that all students rely-on to achieve their goals.
  • With so much at stake, I believe that parents should have the right to choose the education that offers the best alternative for their child.
  • Our public school administrators, school boards, and teacher’s union have to understand why families are opting for alternative education schools and fix the leaks in the boat.
  • We should provide funding for private and charter school alternatives.

Fiscal Oversight

Fiscal Oversight in several ways

  • Implement Zero-Based-Budgeting
  • Agencies like DEP not allowed to make legislation. This is a function of the House and Senate
  • Privatize services that can be handled by the private sector like State Liquor Stores
  • Reduce regulations to create a better economic environment
  • Reduce the size of the State Legislature

Other Issues

Opioid & Heroin Epidemic

We don’t hear as much about this crisis as we should. We’ve sort of become immune to the problem, but the truth is “ This epidemic affects everyone and its alive and well in the 39th district” and throughout Pennsylvania.

This crisis is a budget-bleeding parasite on our tax dollars, a blight on our communities, a killer of our children, and the ruination of families

PA has one of the highest rates of overdoses in the country

So why do we set our goals on treatment and reduced penalties for drug violations. We suit pharma companies and get large settlements, we release offenders and declassify gateway drugs but we don’t solve the problem which gets worse every year

It will take a multi-pronged approach to fixing this complex problem but one tier of the approach has to provide for rehab for more than 30 days. Too many families tell me that their child has gone to rehab, 30 days later the child is discharged and returns to the drug scene. He/She cant get a job, in some cases their driving privileges are revoked and the family can’t afford continue treatment

We’re not fixing the problem.

Gun Control

I am pro-second amendment and a member of the NRA, and FOAC but I recognize that Assault style weapons present a danger when they are in the hands of certain individuals . I support all efforts for Universal Background Checks.


My personal view does not support abortion. However, under our current law, abortion is legal and we are bound by the law.

Under no circumstance will I vote for or defend late term or post birth abortion.

Why are you running for state represntative?

I believe that “Experience Matters”
I believe that you cannot effectively represent the families of the 39th district without having raised a family and know the struggles and sacrifices it takes to raise a family.

I believe that owing a small business , having a proven record of creating family sustaining jobs, and knowing the pulse of the small business community is a pre-requisite to representing our small business community and;
I’m ready to use my years of experience to help our families, and make our communities stronger and safer.

Why should I vote for you?

I’m not the boiler-plate, inexperienced, self-serving politician who will say anything to keep his job. I’m your neighbor.

I have the credentials and the experience to represent your family and our small business community.
I know the decisions I make will affect my family and your family. That’s your assurance and my promise that I’ll always vote in your family’s best interest.

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