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Tom Kirsch is working hard for your family’s future. You may be wondering what you can do to help. There are a number of ways you can get involved in Tom’s mission to put family families first.

This election is about our children’s future and the preservation of our shared conservative values. This will require Tom, a reliable and experienced leader working together with dedicated voters like you to get the job done.

Whether you share Tom’s social media posts with family and friends to spread the word or you go door to door with Tom to talk to your neighbors, getting involved is easy! You can also serve, host, or partner at an event or make phone calls to do your part in securing your family’s future with Tom Kirsch.

Help the candidate who will vote on legislation that is in your family’s best interest and get involved by contacting us today so that together we can make a change!

Why Tom?

  • With 32 years of professional leadership experience and as a successful business owner himself, Tom has valuable experience in both leadership and business that puts him a cut above the rest.
  • Tom knows the pulse of the small business community in the district and will vote for legislation that is in the best interest of these businesses.
  • Tom brings a family-man’s perspective to the troubling issues facing our district along with his promise to always vote on legislation with your family’s best interest as his compass
  • As a 42-year resident of the 39th district, Tom understands the struggles facing the families in our community.
  • Dedicated to fighting for the district, Tom will work to get the district its share of grant money to help make the community safer and stronger.

"Tom Kirsch and his family have been cherished friends, neighbors and business associates for more than three decades. Tom has been employed by some of the largest corporations in Pittsburgh and has created jobs, revenue and tax dollars as an entrepreneur.
The 39th district will truly benefit from Tom’s experience, common sense guidance and unwavering honesty in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.
We need Tom Kirsch for State Representative"

-Jim Kelly 39th District Property Owner and Businessman

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