Tom’s Platform

Pennsylvania’s growth model is broken, and it won’t be fixed by rewarding inexperienced, self-serving politicians with re-election.

As your next State Representative, Tom Kirsch will:

  • Support policies that “Take the money out of Harrisburg and put it back in the hands of our families… where it belongs”
  • Protect the energy industry and its family-sustaining jobs
  • Advocate for legislative reforms such as term limits and decreasing the size of the State Legislature.
  • Work diligently to reform PA’s burdensome Property tax system that forces seniors from their homes and hinders home ownership for many first-time buyers.
  • Support school choice and education policies that prepare our children to compete in the global economy
  • Provide law enforcement, first responders and medical professionals with the tools they need to fight the opioid epidemic that remains a blight on our communities, a budget-bleeding parasite on our tax dollars, and the cause of ruination of many families in Pennsylvania the 39th district.
  • Protect the Unborn.
  • Protect our 2nd Amendment rights.
  • Privatize services across the board that can be performed better by the private sector.

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