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Go Door-to-Door With Tom

Tom welcomes the opportunity to visit your neighborhood and walk door-to-door with you, talking with your neighbors

Having your friendly face introducing Tom will have a powerful impact. People remember and vote for candidates that they have a personal interaction with.

Display Tom’s Yard Sign

Displaying a yard sign is the best advertising effort you can perform for Tom. Not only does it raise his name recognition – but it also directly influences the outcome of elections.

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Facebook is a powerful campaign tool. With a single click or share you can circulate Tom’s posts to friends, family and colleagues instantly and at no cost. Additionally, you can encourage others to “like” Tom’s page to grow his user footprint.

Other Ways You Can Help

Why Should I Get Involved?

Tom Kirsch brings 32 years of professional experience, a Family Man’s perspective on the issues facing our district and he knows the pulse of the small business community in our district.

This election is about our children’s future and requires a strong, experienced leader like Tom, working alongside committed conservative voters like you.

How Do I Sign Up To Help Tom?

Contact us today to learn more about how you can make a difference in our community.

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What makes him the best candidate for 39th District State Representative.

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